Coolant Level Check
To help avoid danger of being burned:
Do not removed reservoir cap while coolant is “boiling”,
Do not remove radiator cap while engine and radiator are still hot.
Scalding fluid and steam can be blown out under pressure if either cap is taken off too soon.
To check level, look at “see-through” reservoir.
It is not necessary to remove radiator cap to check coolant level.
When engine is cool, check coolant level in reservoir (1).
A normal coolant level should be between “FULL” mark (2) and “LOW” mark (3) on reservoir (1).
If coolant level is below “LOW” mark (3), remove reservoir cap and add proper coolant to reservoir to bring coolant level up to “FULL” mark (2). Then, reinstall cap.
If proper quality antifreeze is used, there is no need to add extra inhibitors or additives that claim to improve system. They may be harmful to proper operation of system.
When installing reservoir cap, set arrow marks (4) on the reservoir and cap as the figure.