Engine Assembly Removal and Installation
1) Disconnect positive (+) and negative (–) cables at battery.
2) Remove engine hood after disconnecting windshield washer hose.
3) Remove air cleaner hose.
4) Remove boost pressure control solenoid valve referring to Boost Pressure Sensor Removal and Installation:K9K .
5) Remove radiator referring to Radiator Removal and Installation:K9K .
6) Detach main fuse/relay box from its bracket.
7) Remove degassing tank.
8) Remove fuel filter referring to Fuel Filter Removal and Installation:K9K .
9) Disconnect discharge hose pipe from A/C compressor referring to Compressor Assembly Removal and Installation (K9K Model) .
11) Remove starting motor referring to Starting Motor Removal and Installation .
12) Disconnect the following electric wires, and then release wire harnesses from clamps.
ECM connectors (1)
MAF and IAT sensor connector (2)
Main fuse box connectors (3 and 4)
Engine harness to main harness connector (5)
Magnet clutch connector (6) of A/C compressor
Supplementary fuse box connector (7)
Battery to main harness connector (8)
Pre-heating unit connector (9)
Ground terminal (10 and 11)
13) Disconnect the following hoses.
Brake booster hose (12) and air lock hub hose (13) from vacuum pump
Heater inlet hose No. 1 from thermo plunger
Radiator inlet hose No.1 from thermostat assembly
Heater outlet hose from heater joint
14) With hose connected, detach power steering pump from its bracket.
15) Drain engine oil, if necessary.
16) Install lifting device (1).
17) Remove engine mounting nuts (2).
18) Before lifting engine, check to ensure all hoses, electric wires and cables are disconnected from engine.
19) Remove engine assembly from vehicle.
Before installing intake air pressure sensor hose, degrease connect part of hose and intercooler outlet hose. Otherwise hose may become detached and cause turbo system failure.
Reverse removal procedure for installation noting the following.
Tighten engine mounting nuts (1) to specified torque.
Tightening torque
Engine mounting nut ( a ): 55 N·m ( 5.5 kg-m, 40.0 lb-ft)
Install transmission assembly referring to Manual Transmission Assembly Dismounting and Remounting:K9K Model .
Check to ensure that all removed parts are back in place. Reinstall any necessary parts which have not been reinstalled.
Refill engine oil referring to Engine Oil and Filter Change .
Refill cooling system referring to Cooling System Refill:K9K .
After connecting discharge hose pipe to A/C compressor, charge A/C system referring to Operation Procedure for Refrigerant Charging .
Check to make sure that there is no fuel leakage, oil leakage, coolant leakage, refrigerant and exhaust gas leakage at each connection.