Valves and Cylinder Head Removal and Installation
1) Relieve fuel pressure referring to Fuel Pressure Relief Procedure:M13A .
2) Disconnect negative cable at battery.
3) Drain engine oil.
4) Drain coolant by loosening drain plug (1).
To help avoid danger of being burned, do not remove drain plug (1) and radiator cap while engine and radiator are still hot. Scalding fluid and steam can be blown out under pressure if plug and cap are taken off too soon.
5) Remove air cleaner outlet No.1 and No.2 hoses and breather hose.
6) Remove intake manifold bracket (1) with main harness from intake manifold.
7) Disconnect the following electric lead wires:
EGR valve (if equipped)
IAC valve (2)
TP sensor (3)
MAP sensor (4)
CMP sensor
ECT sensor
EVAP canister purge valve (5)
Injectors (6)
Ignition coils
Heated oxygen sensor
Ground terminal (7) from intake manifold
Each wire harness clamps
8) Remove heated oxygen sensor bracket from cylinder head and detach heated oxygen sensor coupler from its bracket.
9) Disconnect accelerator cable (1) from throttle body.
10) Disconnect the following hoses:
Brake booster hose (2) from intake manifold
Canister purge hose (3) from EVAP canister purge valve
Fuel feed and return hoses (4) from each pipe
Water hose from thermostat case (5)
Heater inlet hose from its pipe
Vacuum hose (to check valve) (6)
11) Remove canister purge hose bracket from intake manifold.
12) Remove intake manifold stiffener (1).
14) Remove cylinder head cover referring to Cylinder Head Cover Removal and Installation:M13A .
15) Remove timing chain cover referring to Timing Chain Cover Removal and Installation:M13A .
17) Remove intake and exhaust camshafts referring to Camshaft, Tappet and Shim Removal and Installation:M13A .
18) Disconnect exhaust pipe (1) from exhaust manifold.
19) Remove exhaust manifold stiffener (1).
20) Loosen cylinder head bolts in such order as indicated in the figure by using a 12 corner socket wrenches and remove them.
Don’t forget to remove bolt (M8) (1) as shown in the figure.
21) Check all around cylinder head for any other parts required to be removed or disconnected and remove or disconnect whatever necessary.
22) Remove cylinder head with intake manifold and exhaust manifold. Use lifting device, if necessary.
1) Clean mating surface of cylinder head and cylinder block. Remove oil, old gasket and dust from mating surface.
2) Install knock pins (1) to cylinder block.
3) Install new cylinder head gasket (2) to cylinder block. “TOP” mark provided on gasket comes to crankshaft pulley side, facing up (toward cylinder head side).
4) Make sure that oil jet (venturi plug) (1) is installed and if it is, that it is not clogged.
When installing it, be sure to tighten to specified torque.
Tightening torque
Venturi plug ( a ): 5 N·m ( 0.5 kg-m, 3.5 lb-ft)
5) Install cylinder head to cylinder block.
Apply engine oil to cylinder head bolts and tighten gradually as follows.
If cylinder head bolts are reused, check thread diameters of them for deformation according to the following and replace them with new ones if thread diameter difference exceeds limit.
Measure each thread diameter of cylinder head bolt (1) at “A” on 83.5 mm (2.81 in.) from seat side of flange bolt and “B” on 115 mm (4.53 in.) from seat side of flange bolt by using a micrometer (2).
Then calculate difference in diameters (“A” – “B”). If it exceeds limit, replace with new one.
Cylinder head bolt diameter measurement points
“a”: 83.5 mm (2.81 in.)
“b”: 115 mm (4.53 in.)
Cylinder head bolt diameter difference (deformation)
Limit (“A” – “B”): 0.1 mm (0.004 in.)
a) Tighten cylinder head bolts (“1” – “10”) to 20 N·m (2.0 kgf-m, 14.5 lbf-ft) according to numerical order as shown by using a 12 corner socket wrenches.
b) In the same manner as in Step a), tighten them to 40 N·m (4.0 kgf-m, 29.0 lbf-ft).
c) Retighten all bolts 60° according to numerical order in the figure.
d) Repeat Step c).
e) Tighten bolt “A” to specified torque.
Be sure to tighten M8 bolt “A” after securing the other bolts.
Tightening torque
Cylinder head bolt for M8 ( a ): 22 N·m ( 2.2 kg-m, 16.0 lb-ft)
Cylinder head bolt for M10 ( b ): 40 N·m (4.0 kgf-m, 29.0 lbf-ft) and extra tightening 60° twice
6) Install exhaust manifold stiffener an exhaust pipe referring to Exhaust Manifold Removal and Installation:M13A .
9) Install intake manifold stiffener and connect each hoses and electric lead wire securely.
10) Install air cleaner outlet hose.
11) Install radiator with cooling fan and connect A/T fluid hoses (vehicle with A/T), radiator inlet and outlet hoses referring to Water Pump Removal and Installation:M13A and Radiator Removal and Installation:M13A .
12) Adjust generator belt tension referring to Water Pump Belt Tension Inspection and Adjustment:M13A .
13) Adjust A/T compressor and/or P/S pump belt tension (if equipped) referring to Compressor Drive Belt Inspection and Adjustment (M13A Model) or P/S Pump Drive Belt Inspection and Adjustment .
14) Adjust accelerator cable play referring to Accelerator Cable Adjustment:M13A .
15) Check to ensure that all removed parts are book in place. Reinstall any necessary parts which have not been reinstalled.
16) Refill cooling system with coolant, engine with engine oil and A/T with specified A/T fluid (vehicle with A/T).
17) Connect negative cable at battery.
18) Verify that there is no fuel leakage, coolant leakage, oil leakage, A/T fluid leakage (vehicle with A/T) and exhaust gas leakage at each connection.