Intake Manifold Removal and Installation
1) Relieve fuel pressure referring to Fuel Pressure Relief Procedure:M13A .
2) Disconnect negative cable at battery.
3) Drain coolant by loosening drain plug (1).
To help avoid danger of being burned, do not remove drain plug (1) and radiator cap while engine and radiator are still hot. Scalding fluid and steam can be blown out under pressure if plug and cap are taken off too soon.
4) Remove air cleaner outlet No.1 (1) and No.2 (2) hoses and breather hose (3).
5) Remove intake manifold bracket (1) with main harness from intake manifold.
6) Disconnect the following electric lead wires:
IAC valve (2)
TP sensor (3)
EVAP canister purge valve (4)
MAP sensor (5)
Fuel injector wire harness at couplers (6)
Ground terminal (7) from intake manifold
7) Disconnect accelerator cable (1) from throttle body.
8) Disconnect the following hoses:
Brake booster hose (2) from intake manifold
PCV hose (3) from PCV valve
Fuel pressure regulator vacuum hose (4) from intake manifold
Canister purge hose from EVAP canister purge valve
Water hoses from throttle body
Vacuum hose (5) (to check valve) from throttle body
Fuel feed hose and return hose from each pipe
9) Remove fuel delivery pipe with fuel injectors from cylinder head and intake manifold.
10) Remove canister purge hose bracket.
11) Disconnect EGR pipe from EGR valve.
12) Remove intake manifold stiffener (1).
13) Remove intake manifold (1) with throttle body (2) and EGR pipe (3) from cylinder head (4), and then its gasket.
Reverse removal procedure for installation noting the followings.
Use new intake manifold gasket and EGR pipe gasket.
Tighten long bolt (1), short bolt (3) and nuts (2) to specified torque.
Tightening torque
Intake manifold bolts and nuts ( a ): 25 N·m ( 2.5 kg-m, 18.0 lb-ft)
Check to ensure that all removed parts are back in place.
Reinstall any necessary parts which have not been reinstalled.
Adjust accelerator cable play, referring to Accelerator Cable Adjustment:M13A .
Refill cooling system referring to Cooling System Flush and Refill:M13A .
Upon completion of installation, turn ignition switch ON but engine OFF and check for fuel leaks.
Finally, start engine and check for engine coolant leaks.