Throttle Body Removal and Installation
1) Disconnect negative cable at battery.
2) Drain coolant referring to Cooling System Draining:M13A .
3) Disconnect accelerator cable (1) from throttle valve lever.
4) Disconnect air cleaner outlet No.2 hose (1) from throttle body.
5) Disconnect electric connector from TP sensor (1) and IAC valve (2).
6) Remove throttle body from intake manifold.
7) Disconnect engine coolant hose from throttle body.
1) Clean mating surfaces and install throttle body gasket to intake manifold.
Use new gasket.
2) Connect engine coolant hoses.
3) Install throttle body (1) to intake manifold.
4) Connect connectors to TP sensor (2) and IAC valve (3) securely.
5) Install air cleaner outlet No.2 hose (1) and pipe.
6) Connect accelerator cable and adjust cable play to specification.
7) Refill cooling system.
8) Connect negative cable at battery.