Engine Vacuum Check
The engine vacuum that develops in the intake line is a good indicator of the condition of the engine. The vacuum checking procedure is as follows:
1) Warm up engine to normal operating temperature.
After warming up engine, be sure to place transmission gear shift lever in “Neutral” (shift selector lever to “P” range for A/T model), and set parking brake and block drive wheels.
2) Stop engine and turn off the all electric switches.
3) Remove cap (1) from intake manifold.
4) Connect special tool (Vacuum gauge) to intake manifold.
Special Tool
(A) : 09915–67310
5) Run engine at specified idle speed and read vacuum gauge. Vacuum should be within specification.
Vacuum specification (at sea level)
59 – 73 kPa (45 – 55 cmHg, 17.7 – 21.6 in.Hg) at specified idle speed
6) After checking, disconnect special tool (Vacuum gauge) from intake manifold.
7) Install cap to intake manifold.