Glow Plug Removal and Installation
Do not damage heating section of the glow plug.
Do not use glow plug that has been dropped.
When removing glow plug, first loosen it with a tool so that one or more screw threads remain engaged, then loosen and remove by hand.
1) Disconnect negative (–) cable at battery.
2) Remove injection cover.
3) Pull off glow plug wires (1).
4) Clean outside of glow plug to avoid any dirt entering cylinder head.
5) Remove glow plugs (2) from cylinder head.
For installation, reverse removal procedure noting the following.
Tightening glow plug (1) to specified torque.
Tightening torque
Glow plug ( a ): 15 N·m ( 1.5 kg-m, 11.0 lb-ft)
Connect glow plug wires (2) securely.