Registration Procedure for the ECM
If engine and vehicle information cannot be downloaded from ECM due to ECM malfunction register “Fuel injector calibration codes” and “Vehicle variant” in new ECM manually according to “Fuel Injector Registration” and “Vehicle Variant Registration” and perform “High Pressure Pump Data Initialization” instructed by SUZUKI scan tool.
For details of SUZUKI scan tool, reprogramming tool or software referring to its operator’s manual.
1) Replace ECM with new one referring to Engine Control Module (ECM) Removal and Installation:K9K .
2) Using Suzuki Pass-Thru Reprogramming Software and Suzuki Pass-Thru Reprogramming Tool, program new ECM by writing data (Calibration file) in it referring to “Suzuki Pass-Thru Reprogramming Tool Operator’s Manual”.
3) Register data (engine and vehicle information) saved in memory of previous ECM (ECM installed in vehicle being repaired) in new ECM according to procedure described below.
a) Replace new ECM once installed to vehicle with previous ECM.
b) Upload “fuel injector calibration codes” registered in previous ECM into SUZUKI scan tool.
c) Replace previous ECM with new ECM programmed in Step 2) and download “Fuel injector calibration codes” in SUZUKI scan tool to new ECM.
4) Using same procedure of above Steps a), b) and c), download following data into new ECM one by one.
Injection correction data
Air charge data
Engine control data
5) Register “Vehicle variant” in new ECM using SUZUKI scan tool.