Engine Control Module (ECM) Removal and Installation
As ECM consists of precision parts, be careful not to expose it to excessive shock.
When ECM and immobilizer control module with a transponder code registered are connected and the ignition switch is turned on, immobilizer control module code is registered in ECM automatically. Note that immobilizer control module code registered in ECM cannot be erased or overwritten and that the ECM having the registered immobilizer control module code cannot be reused for another vehicle.
When ECM is replaced with a new one, program new ECM and register engine and vehicle information referring to ECM Registration:K9K .
1) Disconnect negative cable at battery.
2) Detach pre-heating unit (1), relay box (2) and harness connectors (3) from ECM bracket.
3) Disconnect ground wire harness (4) from vehicle body.
4) Disconnect connectors from ECM in order of “E17”, “C47” and “C48” as follows.
a) Push lock (1) to release locking of lock lever (2).
b) Turn the lock lever to arrow direction until it stops.
5) Remove ECM (1) from ECM bracket (2).
Reverse removal procedure for installation.
When installing new ECM, perform Registration Procedure for the ECM:K9K .