Mass Air Flow (MAF) and Intake Air Temperature (IAT) Sensor Inspection
Do not heat up the MAF and IAT sensor more than 100 °C (212 °F). Otherwise, the MAF and IAT sensor is damaged.
Check sensor O-ring (1) for damage and deterioration.
Replace as necessary.
Blow hot air to temperature sensing part (2) of MAF and IAT sensor (3) using hot air drier (4) and measure resistance between sensor terminals while heating air gradually.
If measured resistance does not show such characteristic as shown, replace MAF and IAT sensor.
Intake air temperature sensor resistance
Temperature °C (°F) Resistance (kΩ)
–20 (–4) 13.6 – 18.4
20 (68) 2.21 – 2.69
60 (140) 0.493 – 0.667
[A]: Resistance [D]: Nominal
[B]: Temperature [E]: Upper limit
[C]: Lower limit 5. Temperature gauge