Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) Inspection
Visual Check
Check that O-ring is free from damage.
Check that end face of sensor and signal rotor tooth are free from any metal particles and damage.
Performance Check
1) Remove metal particles on end face of VSS, if any.
2) Arrange 12 V battery (1) and connect its positive terminal to “Vin” terminal (2) and negative terminal to “Ground” terminal (3) of sensor. Then using ohmmeter, measure resistance between “Vout” terminal (4) of sensor and negative terminal of battery by passing magnetic substance (iron) (5) while keeping approximately 1 mm (0.03 in.) gap with respect to end face of VSS.
If resistance is out of specification, replace VSS.
VSS resistance
Vary from less than 20 Ω (ON) to infinity (OFF) or from infinity (OFF) to less than 20 Ω (ON)