EVAP Canister Purge Inspection
Before inspection, check to make sure that gear shift lever is in neutral position (with A/T model, selector lever in “P” range) and that parking brake lever is pulled all the way up.
1) Disconnect purge hose (1) from EVAP canister.
2) Place finger against the end of disconnected hose and check that vacuum is not felt there when engine is cool and running at idle speed.
3) Connect purge hose to EVAP canister and warm up engine to normal operating temperature.
4) Turn ignition switch OFF.
5) Restart engine and run it at 2000 r/min. for 2 min. or more.
6) Disconnect purge hose from EVAP canister.
7) Also check that vacuum is felt when engine is running at 3000 r/min.
ECM detects a change in the purge fuel vapor concentration and sometimes stops purging for several seconds but this is nothing abnormal.
8) If vacuum is not felt in Step 7), run engine at idle for 8 min. or more and then repeat check in Step 7).
If check result is not satisfactory in Steps 2) and 8), check vacuum passage, hoses, EVAP canister purge valve, wire harness and ECM.