EGR System Inspection (If Equipped)
Using SUZUKI Scan Tool
1) Connect SUZUKI scan tool to DLC with ignition switch OFF.
2) Turn ignition switch ON and then select “DATA LIST” mode on scan tool.
3) Make sure that vehicle condition is as the following.
Vehicle speed = 0 km/h (0 KPH)
Engine speed ≤ 3000 rpm
4) Clear DTC by using “CLEAR INFO” mode.
5) With engine idling (without depressing accelerator pedal), open EGR valve by using “STEP EGR” mode in “MISC. TEST” menu. In this state, according as EGR valve opening increases engine idle speed drops. If not, possible cause is clogged EGR gas passage, stuck or faulty EGR valve, poor performance of ECT sensor or TP sensor or DTC and/or pending DTC is (are) stored in ECM memory.
1. SUZUKI scan tool display
2. EGR valve opening (0: Close, 100: Full open)