Test 11: Diesel Filter Check
Step Action YES NO
Check the conformity of the diesel filter.
Is the diesel filter in order?
Go to Step 2.
Replace the filter.
With ignition switch off, analyze the diesel fuel in the diesel filter:
Disconnect the supply and return hoses from the filter.
Immediately block the filter inlets/outlets with the appropriate caps.
Remove the filter from its bracket and shake it well, keeping the caps in place and empty the contents of the filter into glass container by lifting up a protective cap and undoing the bleed screw.
Can you see at bottom of the container a deposit of black particles?
Go to Step 3.
Diesel filter correct.
Pass a magnet beneath the container to collect only all the metal particles.
Take the magnet away from the container.
Do the particles collected using the magnet cover a surface area greater than 1 cm²?
Repair or replace the entire injection system.
Diesel filter correct.