Test 10: Injector Return Flow in Starting Phase
Certain faults make it impossible to carry out this test - deal with these first.
Watch out for any objects (tool or others) on the sides of the engine room.
It is useless and dangerous to engage the starter for more than 5 seconds.
Tooling Required
Special Tool
: 09912–96540
Step Action YES NO
Check the injector return volume following procedure:
Turn ignition switch OFF.
Disconnect the return pipes from the four injectors.
Cap the pump venturi tube to prevent the low pressure circuit from contamination.
Connect the four transparent pipes (09912-96540) in place of the return pipes.
Disconnect connector from fuel flow actuator and connect a test adapter in special tool (09912-96540).
Disconnect connectors from all four injectors.
Switch on the ignition and run the starter for 5 seconds.
Measure the amount of diesel fuel in each pipe.
Is the leak return greater than 10 cm?
Replace faulty injector(s).
Go to Step 2.
Carry out the following test to confirm the repair:
Disconnect the four transparent pipes and reconnect the injector return circuit.
Connect SUZUKI scan tool and display “Data list” on scan tool.
Run the starter for 5 seconds, read the rail pressure maximum value “Fuel Rail Pressure” during the test on the SUZUKI scan tool.
Is the rail pressure greater than 1050 bar?
End of test.
Carry out test 7.
After Repair
Turn ignition switch OFF, and reconnect the four injectors electrically.
Disconnect the test adapter and reconnect the fuel flow actuator connector.
Turn ignition switch ON, and clear the DTCs using SUZUKI scan tool.