Test 7: High Pressure Pump Check
It is useless and dangerous to engage the starter motor for more than 5 seconds.
Step Action YES NO
It is possible to check the high pressure pump capacity by carrying out the following procedure:
Disconnect the fuel flow actuator connector
Disconnect connector from the four injectors
Connect the SUZUKI scan tool and check the rail pressure parameter
Run the starter motor for 5 seconds
Read the maximum rail pressure value
Does the rail pressure greater than 1050 bar?
Injection pump correct.
Go to Step 2.
If the rail pressure below 900 bar, carry out Test 11: Diesel Filter Check:K9K after following procedure:
Make sure that the ignition circuit is working correctly (minimum engine speed 200 rpm at engine cranking).
Turn ignition switch OFF, connect the all electrical connectors disconnected in Step 1.
Turn ignition switch ON, clear DTC by using SUZUKI scan tool.
Is it in good condition?
Go to Step 3.
Carry out the required repairs.
Carry out the following test:
Are there no faults?
Replace the high pressure pump.
Replace the faulty injector(s).