Test 3: Injector Check
Step Action YES NO
Make a visual inspection around the injectors.
Is there diesel fuel around the injectors?
Locate the source of leak and carry out the required repairs.
Go to Step 2.
Actuate the injectors using commands “Cylinder 1 Injector”, “Cylinder 2 Injector”, “Cylinder 3 Injector”, and “Cylinder 4 Injector” in output test on SUZUKI scan tool.
Can you hear the operation sound of the injector?
Go to Step 3.
Carry out test 11.
If test 11 is in order, replace the faulty injector(s).
Check the following:
Check the injector sealing referring to Test 9: Injector Sealing Check:K9K .
Check the injector return flow in starting phase referring to Test 10: Injector Return Flow in Starting Phase:K9K .
Is it in good condition?
End of fault finding.
Carry out the required repairs.