Table 2: The Engine Does Not Start
Step Action YES NO
Check that the fuel tank is correctly filled and that the fuel type is suitable.
Is the fuel type suitable and the tank correctly filled?
Go to Step 2.
Refill the fuel tank correctly.
Is the engine oil and coolant level correct?
Go to Step3.
Top up the oil and coolant.
Is the starter motor working properly?
Go to Step 4.
Carry out the required repairs.
Check the following:
Check the low pressure circuit referring to Test 1: Low Pressure Circuit Check:K9K .
Check for leaks in the high pressure circuit.
Check the electrical circuit referring to Test 2: Electrical Circuit Check:K9K .
Check the engine parameters referring to Test 4: Parameter Check:K9K .
Check the air inlet circuit referring to Test 5: Air Inlet Circuit Check:K9K .
Is it in good condition?
Go to Step 5.
Carry out the required repairs.
Is the fuel flow actuator blocked?
Go to Step 6.
Apply the fault finding procedure for DTC P0190: Fuel Pressure Sensor Circuit Malfunction:K9K .
Is the engine wiring harness cut off or jammed?
Carry out the required repairs.
Go to Step 7.
Check that the glow plugs are working properly.
Is the glow plug resistance above 1 Ω?
Replace the glow plugs.
Go to Step 8.
Are the compressions correct?
Go to Step 9.
Carry out the required repairs.
Check the injectors referring to Test 3: Injector Check:K9K .
Check the high pressure pump referring to Test 7: High Pressure Pump Check:K9K .
Check the ECM referring to Test 6: ECM Check:K9K .
Is it in good condition?
End of fault finding.
Carry out the required repairs.