Fault Finding - Customer Complaints
Only consult this customer complaint after a complete check using the scan tool.
Symptom Condition Referring Table
No communication with the ECM Not communication scan tool and ECM Refer to Table 1: No Dialogue with the ECM:K9K .
Starting fault The engine does not start Refer to Table 2: The Engine Does Not Start:K9K .
The engine starts with difficulty or starts then stalls Refer to Table 3: The Engine Starts with Difficulty or Starts Then Stalls:K9K .
Starting difficult with warm engine Refer to Table 4: Starting Difficult with Warm Engine:K9K .
Idle speed fault Rough idle speed (pumping) Refer to Table 5: Rough Idle Speed (Pumping):K9K .
Idle speed too high or too low Refer to Table 6: Idle Speed Too High / Too Low:K9K .
Behavior while driving Unexpected acceleration/deceleration and engine stalling Refer to Table 7: Unexpected Acceleration / Deceleration and Engine Stalling:K9K .
Response fault Refer to Table 8: Response Fault:K9K .
Engine stop (timing) Refer to Table 9: Engine Stop / Stalling:K9K .
Engine jerking Refer to Table 10: Engine Jerking:K9K .
Lack of power Refer to Table 11: Lack of Power:K9K .
Too much power Refer to Table 12: Too Much Power:K9K .
Excessive consumption Refer to Table 13: Excessive Consumption:K9K .
Overspeed when lifting off acceleration or changing gear Refer to Table 14: Overspeed When Lifting Off Accelerator or Changing Gear:K9K .
Engine dies when pulling away Refer to Table 15: Engine Dies on Pulling Away:K9K .
Noise, odours or smoke Clanking engine, noisy engine Refer to Table 16: Engine Rattling, Noisy:K9K .
Blue, white or black smoke Refer to Table 17: Blue, White or Black Smoke:K9K .
Smoke (blue, white or black) on acceleration Refer to Table 18: Blue, Black or White Smoke When Accelerating:K9K .