DTC P0645: A/C Compressor Relay Control Circuit Malfunction
This DTC is displayed only with SUZUKI scan tool.
Wiring Diagram
For wiring circuit and connector number, refer to “K9K Engine (Type 5)” in A-4 Engine Control System Circuit Diagram .
Detecting Condition
Status displayed on SUZUKI scan tool Detecting condition Indicator / Warning light operation
CO 0 Open circuit or short circuit to ground Does not light
CC 1 Short circuit to 12 V
Check the connection and condition of the A/C compressor relay.
Repair if necessary.
Check the connection and condition of the ECM “C48” connector.
Repair if necessary.
Check for insulation, continuity and absence of interference resistance of the connections:
Between “C55-1” terminal of A/C compressor relay socket and “C48-21” terminal of ECM connector
Repair if necessary. If DTC P0645 is still detected, replace the A/C relay.
After Repair
Deal with any faults detected by SUZUKI scan tool.
Clear the DTC.
Carry out a road test followed by another check with the SUZUKI scan tool.