DTC P0604: Control Module Internal Fail
This DTC indicated only with SUZUKI scan tool.
Fault finding procedure application conditions for stored DTC:
The fault is declared present with the engine idling.
If DTC P0604 is detected, engine stopped and restarting is impossible.
Detecting Condition
Status displayed on SUZUKI scan tool Detecting condition Indicator / Warning light operation
D1 RAM integrity Red stop warning light (gravity 2 fault) light up
D2 Injector calibration code written failure
Check that the registered injector calibration code matched the injectors.
If not, write the injector calibration code referring to Registration Procedure for the Fuel Injector Calibration Code:K9K .
If injector calibration code corresponds correctly to the injectors, replace the ECM.
After Repair
Deal with any faults detected by SUZUKI scan tool.
Clear the DTC.
Carry out a road test followed by another check with the SUZUKI scan tool.