DTC P0269: Cylinder 3 Contribution / Balance
Cylinder number is counted from flywheel side.
Fault finding procedure application conditions for stored DTC:
The DTC is detected when engine is running at idle speed.
Priority when dealing with a number of DTCs:
If DTC P0203 (CO: open circuit or CC: short circuit) and DTC P0269 are detected, deal with DTC P0203 Injector Circuit Malfunction - Cylinder 3 first.
If DTC P0089 (D1: Parameter at Limit Minimum, D2: Parameter at Limit Maximum or D7: Trim Minimum for Low Fuel) and DTC P0269 are detected, deal with DTC P0089 Fuel Pressure Regulator Performance Problem first.
If DTC P0269 is detected, engine performance reduced to 75% and injection warning light (gravity 1 fault) light up.
Check the engine compression.
Repair if necessary.
Check the valve clearances and adjust them if necessary.
Check the air intake circuit and the EGR valve and clean them if necessary.
Replace the injector.
If DTC P0269 is still detected, replace the ECM.
After Repair
Deal with any faults detected by SUZUKI scan tool.
Clear the DTC.
Carry out a road test followed by another check with the SUZUKI scan tool.