DTC P0231: Fuel Pump Secondary Circuit Low
If DTC P0231 is detected, the fuel flow actuator is fully opened (leading to engine rattling) and the engine is stopped to prevent it from racing.
Wiring Diagram
For wiring circuit and connector number, refer to “K9K Engine (Type 5)” in A-4 Engine Control System Circuit Diagram .
Detecting Condition
Generic scan tool displays status with * mark only.
Status displayed on SUZUKI scan tool Detecting condition Indicator / Warning light operation
CO 0 Open circuit or short circuit to ground Red stop warning light (gravity 2 fault) light up
CC 1 Short circuit to 12 V
Check the condition and connection of the flow actuator connector.
Repair if necessary.
Check for the 12 V after ignition feed on “C40-1” terminal of the flow actuator connector.
Check the connection and condition of the ECM “C47” connector.
Repair if necessary.
Check for insulation, continuity and absence of interference resistance of the connection:
Between “C47-7” terminal of ECM connector and “C40-2” terminal of flow actuator connector
Repair if necessary.
If DTC P0231 is still detected, replace the ECM.
After Repair
Deal with any faults detected by SUZUKI scan tool.
Clear the DTC.
Carry out a road test followed by another check with the SUZUKI scan tool.