DTC P0089: Fuel Pressure Regulator Performance Problem
Priority when dealing with a number of DTCs:
If DTC P0089 and either one of DTC P0180 or P0190 are present, deal with DTC P180 Fuel Temperature Sensor Circuit Malfunction or DTC P0190 Fuel Pressure Sensor Circuit Malfunction first.
Fault finding procedure application conditions for stored DTC:
The DTC is detected with the engine running.
This DTC may be detected when driving with insufficient fuel in fuel tank. Be sure to bear this in mind during troubleshooting.
Detecting Condition
Status displayed on SUZUKI scan tool Detecting condition Indicator / Warning light operation
D1 Parameter at limit minimum Red stop warning light (gravity 2 fault) light up
D2 Parameter at limit maximum
D3 Below minimum threshold
D4 Above maximum threshold
D5 Trim minimum for high fuel
D6 Trim maximum for high fuel
D7 Trim minimum for low fuel
D8 Trim maximum for low fuel
Check amount of fuel in fuel tank.
If fuel in fuel tank is around empty, refill and recheck.
Check the connection and condition of the fuel flow actuator connector.
Repair if necessary.
Check the connection and condition of the ECM “C47” connector.
Repair if necessary.
Check for the 12 V after ignition feed on “C40-1” terminal of the fuel flow actuator connector.
Repair if necessary.
Check the insulation, continuity and absence of interference resistance of the connection:
Between “C47-7” terminal of ECM connector and “C40-2” terminal of fuel flow actuator
Repair if necessary.
Check fuel flow actuator for resistance referring to Fuel Flow Actuator Inspection:K9K .
Replace fuel flow actuator if necessary.
Check for fuel in the tank.
Carry out Test 1: Low Pressure Circuit Check:K9K .
After Repair
Deal with any faults detected by SUZUKI scan tool.
Clear the DTC.
Carry out a road test followed by another check with the SUZUKI scan tool.