On-Board Diagnostic System Description
ECM in this vehicle has the following functions.
When the ignition switch is turned ON with the engine at a stop, MIL (1), injection warning light (gravity 1 fault) (2) and/or red stop warning light (gravity 2 fault) (3) turns ON to check the warning lights and its circuit.
When ECM detects a malfunction which gives an adverse effect to vehicle emission while the engine is running, it makes the malfunction indicator lamp in the meter cluster of the instrument panel turn ON and stores the malfunction area in its memory.
When a malfunction is detected, a malfunction in some areas in the system and driving cycles then are stored in ECM memory (For the details, refer to description on Indicator Lamp Operation Table:K9K .
Warm-Up Cycle
A “warm-up cycle” means sufficient vehicle operation such that the coolant temperature has risen by at least 22 °C (40 °F) from engine starting and reaches a minimum temperature of 70 °C (160 °F).
Driving Cycle
A “driving cycle” consists of two parts, engine startup and engine shutoff.
3 Driving Cycle Detection Logic
The malfunction detected in the first driving cycle is stored in ECM memory (in the form of pending DTC) but the malfunction indicator lamp does not light at this time.
It does not light up at the second detection of same malfunction also in the next driving cycle. It lights up at the third detection of same malfunction also in the third driving cycle.
Pending Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC)
Pending DTC means a DTC detected and stored temporarily at first or second driving cycle of the DTC which is detected in the 3 driving cycle detection logic.
Data Link Connector (DLC)
DLC (1) is in compliance with SAE J1962 in its installation position, the shape of connector and pin assignment.
K line (3) of ISO 9141 is used for SUZUKI scan tool to communication with ECM, ABS control module and immobilizer control module.
CAN lines (6) and (7) are used to write program in ECM using SUZUKI scan tool. For details of writing program in ECM, refer to ECM Registration:K9K .
2. B+ 4. ECM ground 5. Body ground