Engine has no power
Perform troubleshooting referring to the followings when ECM has detected no DTC and no abnormality has been found in Visual Inspection:M13A with VVT and Engine Basic Inspection:M13A with VVT .
Condition Possible Cause Action
Engine has no power
Faulty spark plug
Faulty ignition coil with ignitor
Leaks, loose connection or disconnection of high-tension cord
Faulty knock sensor
Clogged fuel hose or pipe
Malfunctioning fuel pump
Air inhaling from intake manifold gasket or throttle body gasket
Engine overheating
“Overheating” under Engine Symptom Diagnosis:M13A with VVT
Malfunctioning EGR valve
Maladjusted accelerator cable play
Poor performance of TP sensor, ECT sensor or MAF sensor
Faulty fuel injector(s)
Faulty ECM
Dragging brakes
Slipping clutch
Low compression
Camshaft position control (VVT) system out of order