DTC P1510: ECM Back-Up Power Supply Malfunction
Wiring Diagram
1. ECM 2. “DOME” fuse 3. Relay box 4. “LAMP” fuse
Circuit Description
Battery voltage is supplied so that DTC memory, values for engine control learned by ECM, etc. are kept in ECM even when the ignition switch is turned OFF.
DTC Detecting Condition and Trouble Area
DTC detecting condition Trouble area
Back-up power circuit voltage is out of specification for 5 seconds continuously while engine running.
(1 driving cycle detection logic)
Battery voltage supply circuit
DTC Confirmation Procedure
1) Connect scan tool to DLC with ignition switch turned OFF.
2) Turn ON ignition switch and clear DTC using scan tool and run engine at idle speed for 1 min.
3) Check DTC and pending DTC.
DTC Troubleshooting
Step Action YES NO
Was “Engine and Emission Control System Check” performed?
Go to Step 2.
Battery voltage supply circuit check
1) While engine running, measure voltage between “E118-16” terminal of ECM connector and vehicle body ground.
Is voltage 10 – 14 V?
Poor “E118-16” connection or intermittent trouble. Check for intermittent referring to Intermittent and Poor Connection Inspection .
If wire and connections are OK, substitute a known-good ECM and recheck.
“DOME” fuse blown, “WHT” or “WHT/RED” wire circuit open or short.
Upon completion of inspection and repair work, perform “DTC Confirmation Procedure” and confirm that the trouble has been corrected.