DTC Check
The MIL is turned on when the ECM and/or TCM detect malfunction(s). Each ECM and TCM stores diagnostic information as the diagnostic trouble code (DTC) in its memory and outputs the DTC to the scan tool.
Therefore, check both of the ECM and TCM for any DTC with the scan tool because the DTC stored in ECM and TCM is not read and displayed at a time. However, each of the ECM and TCM needs not to be checked with the generic scan tool because the DTC stored in ECM and TCM is read and displayed at a time.
1) Prepare OBD generic scan tool or SUZUKI scan tool.
2) With ignition switch turned OFF, connect it to data link connector (DLC) (1) located on underside of instrument panel at driver’s seat side.
Special Tool
: SUZUKI scan tool
3) Turn ignition switch ON and confirm that MIL lights.
4) Read DTC, pending DTC and freeze frame data according to instructions displayed on scan tool and print them or write them down.
Refer to scan tool operator’s manual for further details. If communication between scan tool and ECM is not possible, check if scan tool is communicable by connecting it to ECM in another vehicle. If communication is possible in this case, scan tool is in good condition. Then check data link connector and serial data line (circuit) in the vehicle with which communication was not possible.
If connector and circuit are OK, check that power supply and ground circuits of ECM and DLC are in good condition referring to ECM Power and Ground Circuit Check – MIL Does Not Light with Ignition Switch ON and Engine Does Not Start Though It Is Cranked Up:M13A with VVT .
5) After completing the check, turn ignition switch off and disconnect scan tool from data link connector.