Electronic Control System Component Location
The figure shows left-hand steering vehicle. For right-hand steering vehicle, parts with (*) are installed at the opposite side.
1. MAF and IAT sensor a: Immobilizer indicator lamp A: ECM
2. TP sensor b: A/C condenser fan motor relay (if equipped) B: A/T control module (if equipped)
3. Monitor connector c: Main relay C: EVAP canister
4. Fuel level sensor d: Fuel pump relay D: DLC
5. CKP sensor e: IAC valve E: ABS control module (if equipped)
6. MAP sensor f: EVAP canister purge valve F: Combination meter
7. CMP sensor g: EGR valve    
8. Transmission range switch h: Fuel injector    
9. VSS i: Ignition coil assemblies    
10. HO2S-1 J: MIL    
11. HO2S-2 k: A/C compressor relay (if equipped)    
12. ECT sensor l: Oil control valve    
13. Knock sensor