Perform troubleshooting referring to the followings when ECM has detected no DTC and no abnormality has been found in Visual Inspection:M13A without VVT and Engine Basic Inspection:M13A without VVT .
Condition Possible Cause Action
Inoperative thermostat
Faulty A/C condenser fan motor or its circuit
Faulty radiator cooling fan clutch
Loose or slip water pump belt
Poor water pump performance
Clogged or leaky radiator
Improper engine oil grade
Clogged oil filter or oil strainer
Poor oil pump performance
Dragging brakes
Condition “Dragging brakes” in Brakes Symptom Diagnosis
Slipping clutch
Condition “Slipping clutch” in Clutch System Symptom Diagnosis:M13A Model
Blown cylinder head gasket