Fuel Pressure Check
System Diagram
1. Injector 3. Fuel pressure regulator (A): Fuel pressure gauge (C): Attachment
2. Delivery pipe 4. Fuel pump (B): Hose    
Step Action YES NO
Check fuel pressure
1) Release fuel pressure from fuel feed line.
2) Install fuel pressure gauge.
Special Tool
(A) : 09912–58442
(B) : 09912–58432
(C) : 09912–58490
3) Check fuel pressure by repeating ignition switch ON and OFF.
Is fuel pressure then 270 – 310 kPa (2.7 – 3.1 kg/cm², 38.4 – 44.0 psi)?
Go to Step 2.
Go to Step 4.
Is 200 kPa (2.0 kg/cm², 28.4 psi) or higher fuel pressure retained for 1 minute after fuel pump is stopped at Step 1?
Normal fuel pressure.
Go to Step 3.
Is there fuel leakage from fuel feed line hose, pipe or their joint?
Fuel leakage from hose, pipe or joint.
Faulty fuel pressure regulator.
Was fuel pressure higher than spec. in Step 1?
Faulty fuel pressure regulator.
Clogged fuel filter, restricted fuel feed hose or pipe, faulty fuel pump or fuel leakage from hose connection in fuel tank.