Fuel Pump and Its Circuit Check
Wiring Diagram
1. Ignition switch 4. “IG” fuse 7. Relay box
2. Main relay 5. Fuel pump relay 8. “FI” fuse
3. ECM 6. Fuel pump 9. “IGN1” fuse
Step Action YES NO
Was “Engine and Emission Control System Check” performed?
Go to Step 2.
Check fuel pump control system for operation
Is fuel pump heard to operate for 2 sec. after ignition switch ON?
Fuel pump circuit is in good condition.
Go to Step 3.
Check fuel pump for operation
1) Remove fuel pump relay (1) from relay box with ignition switch OFF.
2) Check for proper connection to relay at each terminals.
3) If OK, using service wire, connect terminals “A” and “B” of relay connector.
Is fuel pump heard to operate at ignition switch ON?
Go to Step 4.
“PNK”, “BLU” or “BLU/BLK” circuit open or fuel pump malfunction.
Check fuel pump relay for operation
Is fuel pump relay in good condition?
“WHT/GRN” or “BLK/WHT” circuit open or poor “E114-19” connection. If wire and connection are OK, substitute a known-good ECM and recheck.
Replace fuel pump relay.
Check to make sure that connection is made between correct terminals. Wrong connection can cause damage to ECM, wire harness, etc.