Fuel Injector Circuit Check
Wiring Diagram
1. Fuel injector 2. ECM
Step Action YES NO
Was “Engine and Emission Control System Check” performed?
Go to Step 2.
Check injector for operating sound
1) Using sound scope, check each injector for operating sound at engine cranking.
Do all 4 injector make operating sound?
Fuel injector circuit is in good condition.
Go to Step 3.
Dose none of 4 injectors make operating sound at Step 2?
Go to Step 4.
Check coupler connection and wire harness of injector not making operating sound and injector itself.
Check power circuit of injectors for open and short
Is it normal?
Check all 4 injectors for resistance respectively. If resistance is OK, substitute a known-good ECM and recheck.
Power circuit open or short.