DTC P0120 (No.13): Throttle Position Circuit Malfunction
Wiring Diagram
1. TP sensor 2. ECM 3. To other sensor
DTC Detecting Condition and Trouble Area
DTC detecting condition Trouble area
Signal voltage high
Signal voltage low
“BLK/BLU” circuit open
“LT GRN” circuit open or shorted to ground
“LT GRN/RED” circuit open or shorted to power or ground
TP sensor malfunction
ECM malfunction
When DTC P0105 (No.11), P0110 (No.18), P0115 (No.19) and P0120 (No.13) are indicated together, it is possible that “BLK/BLU” or “LT GRN/RED” circuit is open.
When this DTC and P1724 or P1725 are stored together, also clear DTC stored in TCM after completion of repair.
DTC Confirmation Procedure
1) Clear DTC, start engine and keep it at idle for 1 min.
2) Select “DTC” mode on scan tool and check DTC.
DTC Troubleshooting
Step Action YES NO
Was “Engine and Emission Control System Check” performed?
Go to Step 2.
Check TP sensor and its circuit
1) Connect scan tool to DLC with ignition switch OFF and then turn ignition switch ON.
2) Check throttle valve opening percentage displayed on scan tool.
Is it displayed 0% or 100%?
Go to Step 3.
Intermittent trouble. Check for intermittent referring to Intermittent and Poor Connection Inspection .
Check wire harness
1) Disconnect connector from TP sensor with ignition switch OFF.
2) Check for proper connection to TP sensor at “LT GRN/RED”, “LT GRN” and “BLK/BLU” wire terminals.
3) If OK, then with ignition switch ON, check voltage at each of “LT GRN/RED” and “LT GRN” wire terminals and body ground.
Is voltage about 4 – 6 V at each terminal?
Go to Step 4.
“LT GRN/RED” wire open, “LT GRN/RED” wire shorted to ground circuit or power circuit or “BLK/BLU” wire, “LT GRN” wire open or shorted to ground circuit or poor “E115-22” or “E115-16” connection.
If wire and connection are OK, substitute a known-good ECM and recheck.
Check TP sensor
1) Check TP sensor resistance referring to Throttle Position (TP) Sensor On-Vehicle Inspection:M13A .
Are measured values within specifications?
“BLK/BLU” wire open or poor “E115-10” connection.
If wire and connection are OK, substitute a known-good ECM and recheck.
Replace TP sensor.