Malfunction Indicator Lamp Does Not Come ON with Ignition Switch ON (But Engine Stops)
Wiring Diagram
1. Relay box 5. Malfunction indicator lamp in combination meter 9. “IGN1” fuse
2. Ignition switch 6. “FI” fuse 10. ECM
3. Fuse box 7. “IG” fuse 11. Monitor connector
4. Main relay 8. “MTR” fuse      
Circuit Description
When the ignition switch is turned ON, ECM causes the main relay to turn ON (close the contact point). Then, ECM being supplied with the main power, turns ON the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL). When the engine starts to run and no malfunction is detected in the system, MIL goes OFF but if a malfunction was or is detected, MIL remains ON even when the engine is running.
Step Action YES NO
MIL power supply check
1) Turn ignition switch to ON position.
Do other indicator/warning lights in combination meter comes ON?
Go to Step 2.
“MTR” fuse blown, main fuse blown, ignition switch malfunction, “BLK/RED” circuit between “MTR” fuse and combination meter or poor coupler connection at combination meter.
ECM power and ground circuit check
Does engine start?
Go to Step 3.
MIL circuit check
1) Turn ignition switch OFF and disconnect connectors from ECM.
2) Check for proper connection to ECM at terminal “E113-9”.
3) If OK, then using service wire, ground terminal “E113-9” in connector disconnected.
Does MIL turn on at ignition switch ON?
Substitute a known-good ECM and recheck.
Combination meter faulty, “PPL/YEL” wire circuit open or “PNK” wire shorted to ground.