Warning, Caution and Information Labels Location
The figure shows main labels among others that are attached to vehicle component parts.
When servicing and handling parts, refer to WARNING / CAUTION instructions printed on labels.
If any WARNING / CAUTION label is found stained or damaged, clean or replace it as necessary.
Air Bag CAUTION / WARNING labels are attached on the vehicle equipped with air bag system only.
[A]: M13A engine model 2. Air bag label on sun visor (passenger side) 5. Degassing tank cap label (K9K engine model)
[B]: K9K engine model 3. Radiator cap label (M13A engine model)    
1. Transfer label on backside of sun visor 4. Engine cooling fan label    
1. Air bag warning label on driver air bag (inflator) module 5. Air bag label on passenger air bag (inflator) module
2. Air bag warning label on contact coil and combination switch assembly 6. Seat belt pretensioner label on retractor
3. Air bag warning label on steering column 7. Child seat label (if equipped)
4. Air bag label on SDM